Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Many Evils of Inflation - Mises Institute

The Many Evils of Inflation - Mises Institute

I don't know anything about the Mises Institute or their politics, please don't recieve this posting as a political statement. What I want you to focus on with this article is the devastating effects of inflation on your money and how government mismanagement of money is a leading factor in the loss of purchasing power over time.

Inflation is your enemy in life and retirement, unless you are a debtor, then it is your friend. Since most of us are debtors until our later years inflation looks good, but when we hit those retirement years it can wipe out your money, though it does it silently and over time, inflation is slick. Most people fear losing money in the stock market, but ignore the losses they are racking up each year through the loss of purchasing power.

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Scott Dauenhauer, CFP