Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Alaska's $223 million "Bridge to Nowhere"

I read this story with a deep sickness in my stomach, did Congress think they could hide this? Did Rep. Donald Young think that he was bringing home a prize to his Alaskan constituency? This my friends is government waste at its worst and it is sick.

We are now spending about $1 billion per day to provide relief and rebuilding to New Orleans - perhaps Alaska could forgo their pork windfall and instead allow it to go to Americans who will actually use it for something useful.

Perhaps we should all take a look at the last few bills that have passed in congress for pork - there is lots of it - then ask each individual state who recieved it to forgo it. I am under no impression that this will happen, after all we can just pass another supplemental spending bill and print/borrow another $50 or $100 billion. A billion here, a billion there - pretty soon it all adds up to real money! All those bridges to nowhere should not be built, instead lets spend some money building a bridge to somewhere......I don't know, say Lousianna and maybe Alabama? U.S.