Friday, June 09, 2006

Charlatan Central - Index Annuity Lies


I almost hesistate to link to this website because the information is so incredibly misleading. Nearly everything on this website is misleading or a flat out lie. There is little or no regulation of this blathering idiot and his lies will cost people money. He will rake in huge commissions by comparing stock market investments to fixed annuity products and telling you that stocks are risky, but you can mitigate that risk by investing in Equity Index Annuities. You get the upside without the downside - who wouldn't want that. The problem is that it simply isn't true. On the front page of this guy's website it states "Head you win big, tails you win small." This is a lie meant to make you believe that you can participate in the real gains of the stock market without any risk.

Next time you hear the word Equity Index Annuity coming from an "advisors" lips - turn the other way and run (and hold onto your wallet while doing so).

The more time I spend on this charlatans site the more angry I get that this information is allowed to put in front of the public - it is so incredibly misleading.

Consider yourself warned!!!

Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MSFP