Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Communication Problems

While on vacation I had some e-mail problems. I was locked out of my webmail and could not respond to e-mails many of you sent from Tuesday August 1st through Saturday August 6th. If you sent an e-mail during this time period it was likely lost in cyberspace and I ask that you kindly resend it.

The problem stemmed from my e-mail box being full,
but not being able to empty it. I have fixed the
problem by switching to a new provider (Yahoo Web
Hosting) where access will be easy and my inbox will
never be full. This process may take a few days and
during this time you may have your e-mails to me
returned. Some e-mails are getting through, others
not. My website may also be down for a day or two
while the new provider takes over the daily

I apologize for any inconvenience this
may cause you, I assure you I am not happy about
the situation either. In the meantime, if an e-mail is
returned to you, you may respond to me at
scottyd12@yahoo.com. This problem should be
resolved by tomorrow.