Thursday, November 19, 2009

China's 14 Dominoes of Destruction

As I understand it China is the rising superpower and will one day rule the world, while that scenario may in fact play itself out, perhaps it will happen differently than people believe (at least today). The dominant trend is that China is the place to be, they are the future.

There is only one problem with such a belief, it rests solely on the belief that communism was simply misapplied in the past, that China has perfected it and the master central planners who repress their citizens (among other things) will finally create the utopia that is the dream of communism.

Communism has never and will never work, not even the so-called "hybrid version" that attempts to fuse some form of capitalism into it. The distortions can only go on for so long, the tastes of freedom and prosperity will only continue to push the Chinese people to destroy their current government.

I'm not saying China will fall this year or next or even within the decade, but as with all Communist Repressive regimes in the past, this too will fail - what takes its place will be the true event of this century.