Monday, November 09, 2009

Einhorn: Time to Ban Credit Default Swaps

The linked to article is short and gives a great explanation of CDS (Credit Default Swaps) and why they should be banned. I support Einhorn on this, these "financial weapons of mass destruction" are a cancer on our system.


“I think that trying to make safer credit default swaps is like trying to make safer asbestos,” he writes in a recent letter to investors, adding that CDSs create “large, correlated and asymmetrical risks” having “scared the authorities into spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer money to prevent speculators who made bad bets from having to pay”.

Financial Times and Einhorn explanation of CDS:

CDSs are “anti-social”, he goes on, because those who buy credit insurance often have an incentive to see companies fail. Rather than merely hedging their risks, they are actively hoping to profit from the demise of a target company. This strategy became prevalent in recent years and remains so, as holders of these so-called “basis packages” buy both the debt itself and protection on that debt through CDSs, meaning they receive compensation if the company defaults or restructures. These investors “have an incentive to use their position as bondholders to force bankruptcy, triggering payments on their CDS rather than negotiate out of court restructurings or covenant amendments with their creditors”, Mr Einhorn says.

We have serious issues in our financial system, this is one step we can take to remove the insane amount of leverage currently in our system.

Scott Dauenhauer CFP, MSFP, AIF